Patricia P & Renata

Added October 23, 2007

Each one of these cuties take it up the ass in this Spermswap movie. After some crazy anal sex, gapes and double penetrations, they swap two nasty loads of sperm.

Featured model(s):

Patricia Parisch, Renata

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Great reviews by TheAssMan and Dmander. Keep 'em comin boys! Patricia and Renata are a couple of doe-eyed Euro sluts who are about to get worked over. One of the guys is almost like a soldier going into combat as he lays a ground assault on the girls mouths while his buddies dive-bomb their pussies and asses. It's take-no-hostaegess as they have their way with the whores, hittin' em where it the deepest depths of their assholes. Just call it Operation Anal Freedom! The pace is frantic as the bitches try to weather the storm, but it's clear who's going to cum out on top in this engagement. Rough anal, near-endless ATM, DP, hair pulling, slapping, balls deep power's all in here. The scene ends with the guys blasting a few loads and the whores swapping it up.


I dunno MmmMmm, I enjoy the guys fooling about! Each to their own, I suppose...... It's cool to watch this bunch of "frat boys" having fun, then effortlessly destroying these girl's assholes! Always fun when the guys are getting what they want and the whores are getting a rough time. The guys have big cocks and can pump hard, so it would be good to see Patricia or Renata looking really uncomfortable while being sodomised doggystyle, as each thrust is ripping her asshole up...... then have the guys goofing around, making her answer stupid questions, giving her a good slapping, or just saying "go hard, dude" and watching the fun!


Here's a well done SpermSwap video I recommend with a few reservations. Patricia and Renata are pretty brunettes who have the goods to star in their own gonzo videos. Lucky for us, they share their talents in this one. After walking down the stairs in slinky outfits, the clothes come off and the girls start to play. Patricia inserts her middle finger into Renata's tight, cute asshole, giving us a new definition for giving someone the finger! This is followed by a pink butt plug -- I really preferred the finger. Two studs enter the picture, and offer the just-used butt plug to the girls as a lollipop substitute -- they take the bait. The girls get onto a table on their hands and knees and allow their asses to be filled with a combination of fingers, butt plugs and oversized dildos. This is actually enjoyable except that the guys get pretty obnoxious, such as when they offer the pink butt plug to each other to suck ( thanks) and when one guy holds the butt plug in this mouth as he fucks the girls' assholes with it. Sorry, it just looks silly. Next they use their fingers and hands to give the girls funny faces that just look uncomfortable. Plus, they continue to spit on the girls to excess. Yuck! This stuff has nothing to do with sex. It's just distracting. Would somebody remind these guys that they are being hired for their cocks and the rest of them should really stay home! Once the silly stuff is over and the serious sex begins, this video really gets hot. At 14:00 Renata takes a serious ass-pounding while on her hands and knees. She looks great looking back at the camera as her excellent ass is filled. At the same time, Patricia receives a reverse cowgirl assfull, her perky breasts jiggling nicely all the while. After the girls switch positions, Renata gives a great gape. Later in a kind of chain, one guy goofs off by sucking the toe of the other guy. Come on, cut it out! At 20:00 Renata takes on a dp with a smile on her face. I enjoy watching the girls having fun while they fuck -- that's the way it's supposed to be! Patricia's dp scene is not that strong--she looks uncomfortable. By 28:00 the girls are getting tired and are ready for refreshment. How about some cum, ladies? You betcha! Patricia takes two solid loads and shares them with Renata who swishes the loads around nicely before swallowing. I really wish they'd do more kissing with their cum-covered tongues and lips. I think that's very hot and a nice use for a mouthful of cum. In summary, the girls are both plenty hot, Renata especially appealing with her tight lean figure and willing smile. They had good chemistry together. Aside from my gripes with the unnecessary antics of the guys, this was an enjoyable video. I plan to check out earlier videos starring Renata. 8.5/10


I came back from a little vacation to find a whole new crop of new titles on the Perfect Gonzo sites, but this one caught my eye first. I've never seen Patricia Parisch though she is in a Tamed Teens scene. But, from the trailer, I was really excited to see Renata. I am not familiar with her work, but she appears to have quite an extensive body of work on her Eurobabe Index page. Both of the girls walk down some stairs to say hi to us. Renata tells us that of course she likes anal and dp, and likes to be fucked "more strong"! Awesome. The girl on girl action is short before the studs come out. There is plenty of toy action in the girls asses, and lots of throat fucking. The girls crawl into an adjacent room for the more hard action to follow. Both girls take it straight to the ass, Renata in doggy and Patricia in reverse cowgirl. There is a brief moment where Renata gets it in a position I haven't seen before: a standing doggy, but he is holding her up by her shins! After lots more anal with plenty of ATM, the dp session begins. Of course, this being Sperm Swap, the girls swallow some cum. The loads go in Patricia's mouth and she shares it with Renata, then the girls show off their asses and wave goodbye. This is a fantastic scene. I've watched this several times, and have not made it through once before erupting. I could not keep track of all the positions because the action is fast and crazy and comes across very spontaneous. The sex is super hard, almost all anal and dp, and the girls, especially Renata, are really into it. The sex is rough, but does not come across with the degradation that sometimes these scenes have. The girls are sweaty and their hair is wet from all the fucking. If I had any complaints it would be that the girls are not matched up equally. Patricia is less attractive and seems more lost in this scene whereas Renata is far more enthusiastic, takes a much harder fuck in her ass, and smiles much more. She is a star and we should see much more of her! Rating 5/5