Megane & Cecilia V

Added May 27, 2008

Three guys have their way with these smokin hot babes. They both get assfucked and squirt like crazy. The girls swap three loads of cum in the end.

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Cecilia Vega, Megane

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the girls are nice and sexy but this fuckin ugly shit 3 idiots are just disgusting!! Nobody will see this idiots we pay to see the girls wtf....


This is a great scene with some really hard fucking. The part from around 7.25+ where he's fucking the girl in the green's pussy, she looks like her pussy could burst he's going at it that hard. Just wonderful stuff. There's something for everyone. Gaping, DP, squirting. This scene has it all. 10/10 (..reviewer-SJ)


It seems that the Perfect Gonzo casting team decided to move west to check out the French talent pool. We have two honeys Megane and Cecilia who are in a girlren's play house in front of a pool. Cecilia, the brunette, is very hot and she tells us she is horny today. Megane, the blond, has a wonderful sexuality to her as well. They are partnered with three studs and waste no time before taking cock in their mouths. And the hardcore starts very early as the French woodsman drives right into Cecilia's ass from behind. Megane starts out with a cock in her mouth then her pussy, and she gives up her ass fairly quickly too. The action is quite frenetic right from the beginning, and unlike most of the Perfect Gonzo scenes, this one seems to have more spontaneous action as evidenced by the positions not following a typical order. For example, doggy anal for both girls leads to Cecilia getting vigorously fingered and her juices soaking her entire stomach, to cowgirl vaginal for both girls to reverse cowgirl anal, to side saddle anal to missionary vaginal. . . About 15 minutes in, Megane shows us that she can fist her own ass while Cecilia is busy being dped. After the dp, Cecelia seems like she has been fucked exhausted and needs a break. But the action keeps going!!! Megane gets her ass fucked in standing doggy while sucking cock, and Cecelia gets her ass fucked in missionary. Fantastic scene here. This review is a little less structured that my usual ones, but the scene was less structured as well. The action was spontaneous and wild and it is clear that the girls had a great time, especially Cecilia. The spontaneity of the scene was really fantastic as sometimes these scenes can follow too much of a formula. Cecilia, after getting fucked silly, says that she doesn't even know where she is!!! Though Megane is a bit more traditionally pretty, Cecilia seems the more genuine performer. However, both showed a ton of enthusiasm, took hard anal, and had a great time. Though the studs were exhausted, they wanted more (as the scene ends with the girls back having cock in their mouths). And I would love to see more of these chicks!!! Rating 5/5


Wow, just from the preview here I was really excited about seeing this film. Three guys, two girls, a pool, anal, DPs and cum swapping? Let's see how it turned out! Megane (the blonde), is in an orange bikini and looks absolutely stunning. Sexy as hell. Megane also looks sultry, in a green bikini. The girls exchange a brief tongue-filled kiss then turn around to show us their asses. The girls are in some playhouse, and we see three guys with rock hard dicks rush over to have some fun. Megane starts sucking on one as Cecilia strokes off the other two and does some sucking of her own. The girls are side by side sucking all the cock they can muster, and we get a reverse shot showing their asses in the air as they are on their knees. Scene's off to a great start! One guy can't even wait and just enters the playhouse and starts banging Cecilia's ass in doggie! Cecilia is getting anally ravaged as Megane orally pleases the other two. One guy comes over and gets his cock sucked by Cecilia as she takes her pounding. The guy with the big dick gets tired of Cecilia's ass and moves over to Megane's, also nailing her butt in doggie. Cecilia gets some more dick, this time in her pussy as her legs are lifted up over her head and she is nailed hardcore. Cecilia then gets fingered roughly in her pussy and starts squirting all over the place, drenching her abdomen. Incredible! The guy then does the same thing to Megane, who also squirts, though not as furiously. Cecilia comes over to lick Megane's pussy and taste that cunt juice. After some brief reverse cowgirl anal, both girls are getting their cunts fucked in cowgirl near the pool. Great shot. We see some more squirting as Cecilia lets loose while getting her pussy fucked. Megane gets her ass nailed in spoon while Cecilia's legs are put up high in the air as she takes a cock in her in mish. We get another treat now as Megane gets in doggie and manages to fist her own ass! Wow! Cecilia wasn't taking a break though, as the camera pans over and she is getting DPd in cowgirl. The anal continues on the couch, with Cecilia in particular getting deep thrusts into her butt, which must be sore as hell! It's now Megane's turn to get DPd in cowgirl, and she positions her face near Cecilia's ass to take some A2M from the stud fucking Cecilia's butthole. DPs, anals, squirting and more continue along the same vain, with both girls putting in wonderful and physically demanding performances. The first two guys cum in Cecilia's mouth, which she lets ooze out right into Megane's. Megane swallows and the two french kiss sexily. The third guy then cums in C's mouth and the first guy comes back to give her some more semen as well! She swaps it with Megane and the two girls happily smile and play with the cocks some more as the scene ends. Fantastic stuff. Gonzo at its finest. A must-download. Rating: 9.5/10