Carla C & Katy

Added October 31, 2007

Another stunning set of hot blondes make their way to Spermswap. An absolutely intense movie with a lot of anal. They end up fucking in the shower before the girls swap cum like crazy.

Featured model(s):

Carla Cox, Katy

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Are these Bitches HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The HOTTEST Young PORN Bitches i ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they make my Crazy and MEGA HORNY!!!!!!!!!! I want to be one of the FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


superb action especialy between minute 13.53 and 15.38. carlas perfomance makes my cock rock hard;-)


“ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING VIDS ON THIS SITE OR ANY SITE FOR THAT MATTER. A MUST DOWNLOAD” Faces: A Bodies: A Charm: A Sex: A+ (A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich) Carla C. and Katy are two gorgeous blondes with killer natural bodies. They are enthusiastic and are very enjoyable to watch. At first glance, I thought Carla Cox was the hotter of the two, but Katy (a little older and more experienced) looked amazingly comfortable in the most compromising situations, and really stole the show when she wore her butt plug with pride (3:25). This movie has got to be some of the most erotic 35 minutes I have ever watched. In fact, I have tried to review it 3 separate times, but quite frankly I got pulled into the intense hardcore action and ultimately ended up getting … um, “sidetracked”. I simply cannot indexxx the action for you, there is so much going on and it is so spectacular that you just have to watch and get lost in all of its pornographic glory. I mean this vid has it all: hot blondes, a sultry tease, lesbian play with a butt plug, increasing intensity with increasing numbers of onscreen actors, girls pressed up against glass, girls getting it in the hot steamy shower, every orifice plugged and unplugged, super hot outfits, choking, deep throating, etc. Oh yeah, and it's a Sperm Swap vid, so there's one of those in there, too. The camera angles are varied and perfect for capturing the beauty of the performers and performances (my favorite angle: 15:18, two girls on their knees, this is why widescreen was invented!!!). The director also does a terrific job of directing the action to be wide-ranging and with increasing intensity. Every section improved on its predecessor and at no times did the action get stale or old. This doesn’t happen in porn that much these days, as things can get repetitive and boring fairly quickly (not here though!). When these girls are done, they look like they have just ran a marathon. A cum-covered sexual marathon, for sure. Do yourself a favor: download this vid and give yourself thirty-five devoted minutes to watch this thing in entirety. Satisfaction guaranteed! MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION. -Scene Doc


Both of these girls are stunningnly gorgeous to my eye. They're both blonde, have great smiles, and killer bodies with breasts that aren't too big and asses that aren't too small. Katy has a navel piercing and is the anal pro of this duo, while Carla seems a bit more amenable to the deep throat fuck (although both girls do a great job with it). Carla helps Katy out by putting a butt plug up her ass right out of the gate. Katy wears it for a while as the girls fondle each other and crawl around a large house with an interesting shower arrangement. Three studs arive, Katy's butt plug is removed and some damn nice throat fucking gets underway, including a fantastic round of side by side doggy-style deep throat. Fuckin' wow, is what I have to say to that. When the sex-proper finally gets going, Katy's ass is given all the attention it can handle and then some. She also takes a few DPs while Carla's pussy takes a hard fucking as well. Eventually they all go into the shower and fuck under the running water. The scene ends with, of course, a spermswap. Katy takes the load and swaps it to Carla for the swallowy finish. This scene is an absolute keeper. The girls gorgeous, by my tastes. The sex is hard, fast, and varied in its presentation, including some fantasitc throat work and an interesting fuck session in the shower. I loved every minute of it, and anyone who appreciates pretty blondes as much as I do will, I dare say, love it too. MLyons